Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Week At Harrods Approaches...

Rich Johnston dropped a line to mention that the exhibition at Harrods is nearing its final week. Seeing as how get a decent number of hits from the UK, I thought I'd make sure that none of those readers miss the exhibition from not having realized it is still ongoing or that it is ending soon.

COMIC TIMING - Original comic artwork exhibition

8th Sep - 31 28th Oct , MENSWEAR, LOWER GROUND FLOOR

Original comic book artwork used to be thrown away. Considered the off cuts of the comic book industry, they were chopped up, shredded, binned. It took committed individuals and archivists to rescue the foundations of much popular culture for the landfill, for collectors to appreciate their value and now many comic book artists now rely on the sale of the original art boards for a comfortable living. This exhibition is proud to show off some of the finest original comics work by some of Britain's greatest comics creators of the last hundred years. From Dudley Watkins to Frank Quitely, from Posy Simmonds to Jeremy Dennis, from Raymond Briggs to Alan Moore these people have influenced minds both young and old. And now you can see the work, often for the first time, as it was originally created. By pencil, pen and brush. Each one tells a story. But then, isn't that the point?

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