Monday, October 06, 2008

JLA #25: I GIVE UP!!!!

I've been with the crowd defending McDuffie.

"Oh, he's been stuck with marching orders from above. He's had to take part in crossover stuff. Had to handle leftovers from Meltzer."

This Anansi story, though, is not very interesting AND he can't even keep his own continuity straight.

Mari and the others went to CALIFORNIA. But Hawkgirl is lamenting not going with them to AFRICA.

I know, I know...people get a continent and a state mixed up all the time. I think half of the viewers were expecting Palin to make that very same gaffe last night.

But I find it hard to defend a lackluster comic book or a writer's lackluster work when they can't be bothered to get their own stuff right.

Especially not when he's paired with an artist that uses any excuse for a chest shot...

...or a crotch shot...

I give up. Really.


  1. I gave up on JLA back w/ issue #19. I've never been a huge fan of Benes' art, & that combined with the overall bland story (particularly the Salvation Run tie-in) was enough for me to drop the book.

    These kinds of problems are really killing DC's line for me - too many continuity errors, retread stories, & sloppy overall product.

  2. Benes's art drove me from the book soon after Meltzer's run ended (and should have done before). I've picked up the done-in-one issues McDuffie has written that Benes hasn't drawn, and enjoyed them quite a bit. It's not even his predilection for the booty that turns me off of Benes's work -- although that's part of it. It's that he simply can't draw a facial expression appropriate for anyone other than the Red Tornado. Without emotion, it's all a bore.

  3. Agreed - all of his male figures look "stoic," & all of his female figures look "sultry." There's no emotion in his art. It's all just cookie cutter pinups & splash pages designd to show off Batman's 12 million muscles or Black Canary's fishnetted ass, with the occasional dollop of Hawkgirl cameltoe for good measure. Did the art look like this when he was on Birds of Prey?

  4. It had been one of those titles I've wanted to like, but its been bad since issue #1. I myself own too many issues of it. Supergirl was he same way for me. I wanted to like it, and it was good or decent a few times but never had any consistency.

    Why the hell would Animal Man eat the chicken in the first place anyway?

  5. Oh trust me kev, your not the only one who's been holding out hope that things would get better. The worst for me was smacking Morrison and the rest of the 52 guys in the face after what they did with Buddy. Suddenly the aliens are attached to this ultimate character who can warp time anytime he wants....yeah anasazi stinks. Can't wait till this arc wraps. I'm not dropping the book but I'm not recommending it to anyone, the shit thats being pulled is inexcusable.

  6. I haven't purchased a Justice League related comic that I wasn't sorry about since the Crisis of Conscience arc. What was that, three years ago?

  7. I like how Red Tornado's wife (can't remember her name) and Black Canary looked identical, even in hair style. If it was not for their distinct clothing the figures could have been interchangeable.


  8. I don't have anything against new JLA... Just don't care. There is 20 other DC comics i would rather read and I don't take pleasure from reading and blogging about books i don't care about.
    But Andy have a point. Wasn't Buddy vegetarian? It's like Batman carrying a gun :/

  9. They made Batman be a gun-carrying vigilante in the issue, too. I think they implied that he wasn't above shooting to kill.


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