Friday, October 03, 2008

LitG NA Spoiler? Not The Whole Line-Up!

Over on CBR, Rich Johnston shares a few bits about the current Avengers storylines that get spoiled by companies other than Marvel.

One of them is a cover image that is said to show the new line-up of New Avengers.

But it's woefully incomplete.

There's at least one other notable member that, IMO, would change the mechanics of the team entirely.

So, if someone spoiled it for you by blabbing about Rich's revelations on a message board (despite Rich's efforts to make people have to choose to see them in the confines of his column), rest easier knowing that there's still a few surprises left for you.


  1. You once posted a spoiler saying that an Avengers member was going to change teams after SI. Based on that and on this picture can I assume that the character you were talking about is either Echo, Danny Rand or both?

  2. Didn't he also say that Nick Fury would turn out to be a skrull?

  3. le0n: sorry, can't reveal the actual spoiler directly.

    anon: Mr. Anonymous did give me that bit long ago. That's part of why he wanted me to hold off on this new batch until it was too late for them to make changes.

    Bendis has said that some things change from his original plan in the most recent BENDIS TAPES. He had an uncomfortable sound to him when he was asked about whether Nick Fury would play a part in the Spider-Woman series. So maybe that was one of the bits.

    Or maybe it isn't finished?

  4. I hope this isn't to direct to get an answer, how many team members will the NA have post SI?

  5. If only Mr. Anonymous and I discussed that specific detail, I think I'd happily reveal it to you. But the size of the team was neither asked for nor provided.


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