Friday, October 17, 2008

Well, Everyone Else Is Doing It...

About 5 minutes or so into the video, Obama makes the "I was born on Krypton and sent here to save the Earth" reference. That's the only comic book geek funny you'll find, but there are plenty of other decent jokes to be found here and in John McCain's speech.

Worth noting is the accusations that some rather sensitive readers are hurling at CBR's coverage of the video.

LeeNova84: "Is CBR actually endorsing Obama or is this just what passes for actual reporting on this website? Such an obviously biased article should not be under the heading of “CBR News.” And I don’t even like John McCain; I’m just a fan of professionalism in journalism."

PureClint: "Well this CBR article is a shining example of reporting bias."
"How exactly does the writer likening Senator McCain to Emperor Palpatine constitute news or pass as reporting?"

Sean Walsh: "These boards are very left leaning. And the comics world itself seems to be that way too; lots of creators out there endorsing him through their art."

theriothrope: "Andy Khouri = Obama's Cabana Boy - I'm not gonna unclench. This is pathetic! I registered today simply to comment on Andy Khouri's "article". Thanks CBR, for today's news in liberal name-calling! Maybe I think Andy looks like an aging hipster with a haircut suited to a boy much younger than he is. Maybe we're not all on the Obama bandwagon and just maybe some of us find crap like this offensive. Either way, this is an extremely sad example of what passes for "news" on this site and I think I'll just avoid it altogether in the future. Keep trying to fight the good fight pureclint! I doubt it'll do you any good, but keep trying anyway. I'm done."

It's all a tempest in a teapot, as far as I'm concerned. People need to have just a teeny bit of a sense of humor about this stuff.

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  1. Wow, an entry DECRYING nitpicking? Quite a rarity on this particular blog...


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