Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UPDATE: Well, I Guess I Don't Have A Developing Story Now

From the blog of DC Comics Insider, he reveals a scandal that he came to me with, but didn't run because I wanted to reach out to JG Jones first to get his thoughts.

DCCI has good intentions in putting this out (i.e. to defend JG), but I was concerned about any pain that might have been caused for Mr. Jones by this becoming public knowledge.

Having heard this story from several sources long before, I always felt for JG. But I believe that the person has long been his ex now and, while it is possible that it can still effect him now, it's not likely and even less probable that revealing this will help him at all.

Update: DCCI has sent the following out to an undisclosed group of bloggers (including myself):

Good afternoon.

I suppose you'd like to know who is next?

Well, later this week, we have dirt on Mike Carlin (a bunch of it,
that may concern more than one of you, his fiance, and of course to
DC's HR department!), Joan Hilty, Ivan Cohen, Bob Schreck, and several
others. I'll be naming specific people. We might even examine why very
few people ever get fired from DC. I'll address the lost of some key
editors .... and continue my list of editors who need to leave for how
their lack of moral character has ruined DC Comics.

In the meantime, I'm off to look at the next batch of DC Direct figures!
I'll be referring to him as DCCI, but I somehow get the feeling he'll be labeled DC_b0y.


  1. Holy crap. That sheds a bit of light on this blind item from yesterday's LITG:
    "Which executive gave an artist a phenomenal amount of work over the last two years so that the executive may woo a colleague and partner of the artist, in a manner rather reminiscent of the biblical tale of David and Uriah?"

  2. hey Huxy,
    awesome story, but the link is now dead

  3. Jesus Christ, Kevin. Do you have nothing better to do that stroke the ego of some idiot with a chip on his shoulder who is about to lose his job for being a total fuckup and terrible human being?

    How in the hell is anything dealing with anyone's personal lives any fans business whatsoever?

    What do you mean you were going to "check with JG first"? You were going to call him up and be like, "Hey JG, do you mind commenting on the intimate details of your personal life for my fucking blogspot comics blog?"

    Reposting this vile shit does not make you a real journalist or the voice of the people or whatever bullshit you're telling yourself.

    Grow the fuck up.

  4. Kiel, don't you in fact write for CBR, the site that REPORTED THE BLIND ITEM in the first place?

    Did you email Rich and John and tell them to "grow the fuck up"?

    If not, you're a hypocrite.

  5. I'm sorry, I meant "Rich and Jonah". I admit my mistake. Can you admit your hypocrisy?

  6. From before I ever wrote for CBR to today, I've never been a huge supporter of a lot of the stuff Rich put in his column, and I feel a lot of the more salacious stuff undermines the good work he does on things like creator rights.

    Still, him publishing a vague rumor of an event is way, WAY different than naming someone by name in regards to a deeply personal issue.

    As for Jonah, he keeps a great firewall between the news reporting elements of the site and the opinion columns, and anyone who works anywhere in comics knows that when Rich or Hanibal or any columnist on the site publishes a story, it's their opinion and not Jonah's. Sure, he's the publisher of such columns, but I'd much rather work for someone who gave his writers the room to even make mistakes rather than constantly edit the hell out of them to try and cater to other interests. So don't put Rich's words at Jonah's feet.

    End result? The private lives of anyone in the comics business is no one's business but the people themselves. Not Rich's, and certainly not Kevin's or some invisible fanboy employee of DC's.

    And if you're so indignant about my opinions on any of this, why not have the stones to say it with your real name attached to the post?

  7. If this is true:

    Wow. Just wow.
    People need to learn that wives are off limits.

    Sidenote: And Rags uses drugs too?

  8. And while I'm at it, I should add that this is all 110% rumor and not reported fact. Anyone who takes it as anything else is being duped by people with massive self esteem problems.

    And Kevin, you should seriously do the right thing and take this whole post down ASAP.

  9. Wow, that DC Comics Insider guy is an incredible piece of crap. The lowlife spreads rumors about people he doesn't like, how honorable. Probably, if he had any integrity at all, he'd quit the job if he really worked with such a horrible group of people that put out such horrible comics. Just my opinion, though. YMMV, but still, geeeez, what a scumbag.


  10. Kiel: I could tell that DCCI was going to run the story somewhere, regardless of whether it was on my site. So I thought it was worth approaching JG to determine what he felt about it running. If he gave me an (unofficial) OK, I would have run it. If he gave me a no-go, I wouldn't have run it and he'd be out-in-front of the story to see what he might be able to do to stop it.

    I'd not have linked to it if I wasn't fairly sure that DCCI was going to do a full court press to get the word out. I'm pretty sure the e-mail he sent out has A LOT OF PEOPLE in the BCC. I'm pretty sure he'd wind up successfully getting links up at enough places for word to spread like wildfire.

    As it is, I have no intention to link to him again or correct the link in my blog. I've deleted the one comment that posted the new link.

    So, as it stands, I refused to run the story without getting some sort of approval from most sympathetic injured party in the story. I had mentioned I had something developing, so I came clean that this was what it was.

    DCCI was aware that I was trying to check with JG and questioned the logic of using a story that might increase Mr. Jones' pain in an effort to defend him on another subject. I happen to think that this sheds some light on DCCI's real motivations, when he couldn't simply wait to hear how JG felt on the matter. That sort of impatience coupled with posting some information that really has no connection to an actual comic book news story helps to paint a less than attractive picture of DCCI.

    I do find it slightly odd that you commend Jonah for allowing "the room to even make mistakes" (such as reporting personal life information that I've never seen you publicly decry before (I could have missed it)), but choose to come here and tell me to shut down this entry.

    Rich will often discuss the stories he chooses to include in his column with those who object in his forum on CBR. I'm sure you could broach the subject civilly with him there (unlike your approach here).

  11. Oh, and Kiel?

    And if you're so indignant about my opinions on any of this, why not have the stones to say it with your real name attached to the post?

    Just started using the internet, have you? ;)

    I've made the same plea many times (resulting in the request above the comment box), but it just isn't how some people on the interwebz roll.

  12. Uhhhh! Will someone just put this story to bed? Is mind wiping or shit like that available cause this is depressing. Why, on any given day, would JG Jones want this to be public knowledge? EVEN IF IT WAS TRUE! It's like some psycho decided to have a laugh and make everyones life a misery (Not you Kev). There is no proof to this story anyway.

  13. Kevin, it was very smart of you to remove any link to that idiot's bullshit, but if I were you, I think the only real way to do right by anyone involved in this is to take everything from your post to all our comments down.

    It doesn't matter whether or not this employee is attempting a "full court press" on anyone else's blog or not, referring to him and his rumors in a public forum of any kind does nothing but hurt the feelings and careers of all involved. I could have told you in a heartbeat that if the artist in question (if you insist on leaving this up, I'd hope you'd remove his name from the post and all comments) responded to you at all about anything, it would be to tell you not to post anything about his personal life in any way up there. If any of these rumors get picked up by fanboys in the message boards crowds, they'll be taken as gospel truth, and he will have some ass hat coming up to him at every convention from now to eternity and making hurtful and stupid comments. That's so shitty I can't even imagine, not to mention the fact that as a working creator trying to promote his books or make sales or whatever, his source of income stands to be dramatically hurt by this kind of stupidity.

    Other bloggers have taken the high road in barely commenting on this at all, refusing to give this guy the time of day and moving on to more important matters that actually impact the industry.

    As for Rich and Jonah, one thing I can say for them that I can't say for this site is that no matter how low brow some of Rich's personality driven stories have been in his column, he's very rarely if at all named names when it comes to personal matters. I think even hinting at this kind of stuff is mean-spirited and petty, but compared to just opening up folks to a laundry list of people's actual names and personal rumors about them, Rich is a damn saint.

    I guess we'll see on Monday if he goes as far as to run a bunch of hurtful garbage because of all this (I hope he ignores it as is the decent thing to do), but in the end you can only control yourself.

    I hate to be a person to tell any writer what they can or can't write, but I am seriously asking you if posting anything about any of this crap is doing anyone any good or if it's all just a spiral of spiteful garbage?

    To me, the smart and decent thing to do is to totally blacklist the efforts of the supposed Insider. Even acknowledging that he's out there acting like a 6th grader instead of a rational adult gratifies his ego.

    Other than saying that, I'm done dragging out something that should have been totally fucking off limits for public discussion to begin with.

  14. I can think of a reason or two, which is why I was bothering to check with him rather than just completely dismiss the story.

  15. Kiel,

    Are you wanting to ignore this because it could be false or because by running with it DC may not give CBR interviews or access to creators?

    If anyone deserves to be blacklisted/looked at with contempt in this, it's the man who committed adultery in the first place, getting his rocks off instead of getting the books he oversees out on time.

    This does not hurt JG Jones at all from a creative standpoint. In fact, it rallies people around him because of the disgusting actions of Didio.

    It would be great if this was just a rumor, but this added with Rich's nugget of information (in which the other two things were correct regarding the SDCC fights), something happened beyond just creative work at DC.

  16. Kiel: I'm not saying anything bad about Rich. What I'm saying, though, is that if you dislike what he does so much, he has a forum for discussing it. Yet you appear to not have bothered to address these objections to Rich...while you come here cussing like a sailor.

    I'll be leaving the blog just as it is now. Why? Because he already got the word out long before. And will continue to hype his blog without me. I've offered comment on the story he tried to bring to me and I'll leave it that way.

    Ken B.: I don't think that's fair to say, re: CBR/DC. Rich isn't afraid to go after the Big Two and Jonah never seems to try to squash something. Well...other than removing that link to goatse. ;)

    I'd heard this story over a year ago. I sat on it because I didn't see how it was relevant. I sat on it yesterday because I wouldn't run it without JG's blessing even when it found some kind of relevance.

  17. What the hell??? We're not elite enough for trashy DC gossip?!? This is the face of disappointment!!!!! Add me to your list, dc_b0y!!

    Also, I have to admit I'm glad all this Upton Sinclair wannabe shit is just spoiling the hilarious/sad/pathetic internal workings of DC's employees rather than ruining the talent's stories like marvel_b0y seemed so fond of doing.

  18. David brings up something interesting:

    Marvel Boy was just bringing up spoilers for a series.

    This DC guy is presenting not spoilers for a story, but the way certain people at DC act and behave.

  19. Actually, this little revelation goes a long way in explaining some things.

    I'm betting people are now going to be combing over past convention panels and DC Nation columns for little clues on the motivations of Dan DiDio's dick.

  20. Whattabout Jim Lee, Ale Garza, and Ale's ex-wife? That was just as bad a situation. I think they are all happy now, but there's was definitely funny business going on there.

  21. Maybe if comics were less secretive it would discourage this kind of thing?

    Both the leaking of info/rumors and the possible behavior itself.

    Funny though (or not so funny) that if you google image search Jann Jones you get a picture of her and Dan sitting together at a baseball game.

  22. That photo of Dan and Jann isn't exactly damning. It's on his public MySpace page and was used on the HeroesCon blog to promote their appearance there.

  23. No, definitely not damning but I thought it was funny when I saw it; given the rumor.


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