Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fantasy Football Sunday

It's another one of those difficult weeks to pick your starting team.

  • Romo: will he or won't he?
  • Will Terrell Owens play like himself either way?
  • Scheffler back from the groin injury?
  • Colston & Shockey 100%?
  • Have Kellen Winslow's balls shrunk back down to human size or close enough to let him play?
  • Do you listen to analysts who say Forte will have a great game via the pass or stick with conventional wisdom?
I'll go back to watching the Saints/Panthers game. Glad I picked this one or else I would have missed Brian Billick calling the Saints' running back DOUCHE MCALLISTER. Classic.


  1. The one week I leave LenDale White on the bench, he plays like Superman...

  2. Yeah, I have him on a bunch of teams as nothing more than a potential bye week fill-in. There are so many games that I would have won before the 4pm games if I just had him in.


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