Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The "If I Ruled The Comic Industry" Meme

The whole "what I'd do to improve the industry" thing is spreading around, thanks to Tom Spurgeon's post last week. Funny Book Babylon made it the focus of their most recent podcast. Heidi MacDonald adds one to the list (inexplicably skipping to #26, making me compelled to find out if there is a #25 somewhere).

  1. I'd have the major companies test drive new characters via webcomics to find a concept likely to stick in the print market.
  2. Similarly, I'd have the major companies not rush series to an unsatisfactory end, but finish them as webcomics that could possibly be included in a trade paperback offering with several of the last print issues.
  3. I'd end Diamond's virtual monopoly so that competition in the market might lead to improved service (as Diamond can screw up almost weekly for many of its customers, but never suffer from it).
  4. Make POS systems mandatory, with them offered via comic book distributors in a retailer friendly arrangement of some sort.
  5. Street dates for comic books, with the shipment being scheduled to arrive 2-3 business days before, so that shorts and damages have a chance to be resolved in advance of the anxious customers looking for the new release.
Other than the spots where I might have taken one a step further, I pretty much agree with Tom Spurgeon's list or have no cause to disagree. 'Cept on that Cromartie High School thing. Screw that! ;)

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