Friday, October 31, 2008

Palin To Shoot Obama In Mercs 2?

Oh, what's that? It isn't really like they're encouraging a sore loser character to be able to shoot and kill a Presidential character?

Yeah, but that's not a headline that will provoke coverage and hits, so used it (and now I'm copying it).

I'm sure will privately be thrilled with that sort of coverage, because it will blossom into 24 hour cable news coverage and ultimately drive more sales and offend none of their customer base.


  1. #1) There's no sore losers yet
    #2) Obama was pretty well represented there
    #3) Pretty lame attempt to stir up some shit, maybe you should make another bogus DC/Marvel Insider blog

  2. 1) There will be by the time most people get around to buying this.
    2) And someone said he wasn't?
    3) Did you even read past the sore loser part?

  3. "Let me be perfectly clear. I'm going to bring change to your intestinal tract via a series of precisely placed bullets."

    Barack Obama


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