Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jock Does Christina Aguilera

What? No...this isn't some DC Comics Insider thing.

Jock is great comic book artist & frequent collaborator with Andy Diggle on things like Green Arrow: Year One and The Losers.

Apparently, he's, also, a storyboard artist for music videos. Jock provided some images for director Peter Berg to work from in shooting Christina's latest video (Keeps Getting Better).

(found via Heidi)


  1. Hmmm....Schwapp. As in Schwapp Daddy?

  2. In the days when Drazen Petrovic, Kenny Anderson, and DC could never seem to beat the Cavaliers, Schwapp Daddy himself had struggles. He never had an inside game. For a big guy this was odd. Equally odd was his outside game. So while he didnt feel at home under the basket, he found solice outside the key. Driving, then the dish. Usually an open shot and almost always nothing but net. The sound as the ball passed through the net without touching the rim sounded to most like "SWISH". But to him, and all he played against, it was SCHWAPP!!. And so is the legend of the Schwapp Daddy.

  3. Hmmm...I don't remember putting it quite like that, but I may have embellished to give it a little flair. ;)


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