Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Edward Norton: My Problems Were With Marvel

Less than 30 minutes ago, Edward Norton was on The Opie & Anthony Show to publicize his next film, Pride & Glory.

On the prep sheet for the interview, it said "his version of Incredible Hulk" was coming out, meaning the update versus the Ang Lee version. Host Greg "Opie" Hughes thought "his version" indicated that the movie had been restored to the cut that Norton had fought for.

When asked about his version coming out, Norton responded with, "it is?" He followed that up with, "when does it come out?"

The star clarified that the version coming out still isn't his version and that he had no problems with the director, Louis Leterrier, but with Marvel Studios. It seemed for a moment that he would elaborate further on the disagreement, but he apparently caught himself before airing too much dirty laundry.

Later in the conversation, he detailed how studios are better off not having him conduct publicity for movies that he's not thrilled with. Norton indicated he wouldn't lie to promote a film and a non-appearance is better than him obviously dodging certain questions with responses like, "how about those (NY) Jets?"

For a company that plans on making an Avengers movie that they likely want Ed Norton to reprise his role as the Hulk for, Marvel certainly doesn't seem to be actively trying to keep that bridge from burning. Replacing Bruce Banner is NOT the same as replacing Jim Rhodes (which isn't an insignificant change in its own right).

Guess we'll have to wait and see where this relationship goes.

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  1. Norton's a good actor, but he's always been a bit of a dick.

    If Marvel is gearing up for an Avengers movie featuring the Hulk as the antagonist, it would be nice to have Norton on board to play Banner, but it's not going to be what puts asses in the seats, & it isn't going to be a deal-breaker for most movie-goers.

    People (myself included) will be going to that movie expecting to see some "Hulk SMASH" & "Avengers Assemble," not "whiny pussy Banner." If anything, the drawing power will belong to Robert Downey & whomever they cast as Cap & Thor.


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