Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Barack Band WebComic


  1. It grows somewhat annoying when the candidate you support has so many incredible douchebags on his side. Now I think I can appreciate how the more discerning Bush supporters must have felt back in the day. (If such people existed that is, I'm sure there were and are some, anyways)

  2. Am I the douchebag? The artist? Both? :)

  3. Did you write or draw this? If so, yes. If not, you're just another follower.

  4. Why is Palin a pig, yet Obama is a man? Why isn't Obama a monkey then?

    The strip fails because

    a) Obama gets to be a person, destroying that idea that the candidates are animal....things or whatever

    b) Lenny Kravitz sucks


    c) the fact that it makes the media out to criticize Obama is a lie in and of itself, making the joke fall flat.

  5. Dunno...the media was as quick to jump on the "lipstick on a pig" tempest in a teapot as they were to jump off it a day or two later. So, that bit plays true to me.

    And Palin is only a pig in this due to that whole mock controversy.

    For the record, this webcomic was just posted as filler. ;) I don't pretend to think it accomplishes's just a cartoon that is timely, so I threw it up on the page.

  6. Well...It can be said that The Guess Who suck cause they we're the original performers of the songs. So if there is anyone really to blame is a sucky Canadian band.

  7. They were Canadian????

    That explains so much...


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