Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some People Are Way Too Sensitive

Entertainment Weekly has a list of the 16 most offensive stereotype characters in film.

I can see the point with some of them, but in many cases the same movie provides examples that break the stereotype as a method for demonstrating that it isn't accurate.

The reader voting seems more ridiculous. Malibu's Most Wanted & White Girls (two over-the-top comedies) are more offensive than the portrayal of black women in Gone With The Wind (a dramatic movie that many point to as demonstrating the level of prejudice that still existed in the 1930s)? Really? Seems more likely that people are judging based on how much they liked the movie, rather than any true level of racial stereotyping.

Why don't you head on over and see what you think?

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  1. "Gone with the Wind" is guilty of an extraordinary number of stereotypes. It also gets away with the hero raping the heroine. How does it escape on these two points? Because of a groundswell of misguided nostalgia that classifies this film as "the greatest romance ever". Scarlett never comes off to any rational reader or viewer as anything less than a terrible, selfish person. This movie's place in the pantheon deserves to be upended. Check out "The Wind Done Gone" for giving this tract a well-deserved thumping.


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