Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uh Oh...

So, Secret Invasion #8 is going to be late? Brevoort says it is due to the extra pages and the care Yu is taking with them, but we all know that Tom and the truth have an on again/off again relationship when it comes to spinning negative news.

I hope it's not to make another change due to spoilers. According to Mr. Anonymous, Mockingbird was supposed to turn out to be the real deal until spoilers started flying willy nilly.

I don't think it is possible that they'll change who leads the Dark Avengers or who becomes/remains Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Well, maybe it would be easy enough to slot in someone else as leader, as long as they answer to the person originally intended to be the leader. It gives the appearance of change without really screwing up all the things they have planned already.

I, also, doubt that they'll change who is jumping ship from one Avengers team to another. The character that Mr. Anonymous gave me would need to have so many plans changed that I don't think they can scrap the move just to nullify spoilers.

Can't wait to find out...


  1. Yu really deserved to finish this on time, he has been at work pretty much non-stop since taking on New Avengers. The fault has to lie with Brevoort for not planning enough ahead and leaving extra time. How many more times is it going to take for someone (at both companies, I guess) to realise that 'events = delays'.

    I've stayed away from the spoilers but I wouldn't imagine they would be making any wholesale changes this late in the day especially since books like Invincible Iron Man and Dark Avengers would probably have been finished so they can start the new era right away. People claimed rewrites were the reason for Civil War's delay too but I think that turned out to be false in the end.

  2. It's likely that the delay has nothing to do with changes to the story. I'm just putting it out there as a possibility and using the moment to pass along what Mr. Anonymous said about Mockingbird a few days ago.

  3. I really want to say Iron Man is going to switch teams.

  4. Can I freebase some crack off of your tinfoil hat? It might get a bit hot, though.

  5. Sorry, David...I can't run the risk of you burning a hole in it, leading to them being able to detect my brainwaves. I hope you'll understand.

  6. With Secret Invasion #8 coming out today can you give us a run down of what changed from the info you got when it started till now.


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