Monday, October 20, 2008

Press Release: FANGORIA Announces New Web Initiative

Thomas DeFeo, President of The Brooklyn Company and Publisher of FANGORIA magazine, proudly announces the debut of the completely redesigned A complete rethinking of FANGORIA’s online assets for the 21st Century,

represents a bold new vision from the most widely read horror-themed publication in the world.

In addition to new and expanded daily content that brings readers articles, news, blogs, exclusive movie trailers and clips and incisive reviews of the best in horror across all media (including film, television, comics, music, video games, collectibles and more), the Fango Faithful will also have an even larger interactive role with the advent of new features, including “Everyone’s A Critic,” which gives the readers a front page platform to voice their reviews and opinions on film, books and more, and “FANGORIA Crypts,”, where we’ll post pictures and information about the online communities’ personal horror collections and overall commitment to the FANGORIA lifestyle. Readers will also witness the launch of FANGORIA Graphix, an evolution of the previous FANGORIA Comics brand, which will release comics, graphic novels, prose novels and more, both in traditional and digital formats.

The award-winning FANGORIA Forums, one of the longest-running forums in the horror community, has also been greatly enhanced and updated, with a fast and friendly new interface and strikingly individual graphic look.

We are also proud to announce that the FANGORIA Gore Store has been completely redesigned with all new products and features, and is now the home to HORRORBLES, the official store of Fangoria Entertainment! Horrorbles has everything horror lovers want- from statues, props, masks and toys to cult videos, books, posters and T-shirts; from rare autographed items and hard to find model kits, to an incredible magazine back issue collection of everything from FANGORIA and FAMOUS MONSTERS to CREEPY, EERIE, CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN and many more. The Gore Store will also be offering new FANGORIA T-shirts and exclusive Fango products, downloadable digital versions of the comic book line, and, for the first time ever, downloadable digital versions of the entire 30-year run of FANGORIA magazine! FANGORIA online truly has it all!

The online initiative is just the first salvo in an onslaught of new creative energy from the FANGORIA Family. Expect much more in the near future from FANGORIA Graphix, FANGORIA Radio, FANGORIA Musick and the FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors conventions. FANGORIA . . . after 30 years, still your number-one name in horror.

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