Friday, July 25, 2008

And For The Only Reason I'll Likely Buy MKvsDC

Sweet! The kid in me always wanted a game with Captain Marvel in it. That alone will probably be enough to make me compelled to buy it.


  1. Remember Steve from the show? That AND Superman is him! He did the motion capture for both characters. He struck that pose, right there. And probably looked a little silly doing it. :D

  2. Ha...that's great! Even more reason to check it out!

  3. So buying now, was gonna anyway, this is now a must have.

    And what show is this?

  4. And then they put Joker in. What a waste of a DC slot.

    I feel terrible for not being able to recall if Steve made the transition over to Shots In The Dark or if he was just a part of the internet radio show that preceded their move to autonomy.


  5. He is indeed on Shots in the Dark, primarily known on there as "Imoticon"

    Check it out!

  6. Oh wait...STEVE...what was I thinking! I talked with him at dinner at the shitty theme restaurant with a waitress that made us do her job with the bill, leading to mass confusion.


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