Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scott Kurtz: World Champion Grudge Holder

I offer the man behind my begrudging respect. I always thought I was one of the best/worst grudge holders in the world, but he's besting me with how he's holding on to his beef with DJ Coffman.

pvponline The new Wowio deal is bad? Shocking. Thank god we have a new champion for creator rights. Hope that works out better than cult recruitment.

I don't know if he has any Irish in him. I'd doublecheck the family tree just to make sure, if I were him...because no one holds a grudge like those of Irish heritage, in my experience.

All in all, those two crazy kids should just realize life is too short to carry those negative feelings around for too long.


  1. Er, that diss doesn't even work, since Coffman isn't associated with Platinum anymore.

  2. The idea is that DJ defended his decision to go with Platinum and the studio itself originally. I didn't follow all the hub-bub back then, but the implication from Kurtz seems to be that DJ went from passing out the Kool Aid months back to now being Paul Revere.

  3. Scott Kurtz is a major douche. That is all.

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  5. Scott Kurtz doesn't just seek out internet drama, he fucks its wife behind its back then goes to its house to yell loudly through a megaphone about it.

  6. Scott Kurtz is building himself a lot of ill will, and will be losing sales over it.

    Alan Coil


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