Thursday, July 24, 2008

PETA - Making Themselves Look Ridiculous Daily

Simon Owens, over on Bloggasm, noticed that PETA was apparently coming out against the Dark Knight movie. He followed up with them in an interview he posted over there.

“Basically, while I personally thought it was a fantastic movie, it was a little disappointing, that part of it,” DorĂ© said. “I think, you know, that it’s funny that this superhero genius that everyone loves, who has all these fantastic gadgets, who never uses guns, that he doesn’t have access to a tranquilizer or other deflecting device.”

All the scenes where Batman is shown hurting a dog are all in self-defense. This idea that Batman should stop, find a cutesy way of subduing the dogs and then turn to the camera to give a PSA about how mistreated dogs of a particular breed aren't indicative of all dogs of that breed is fucking clown shoes.


  1. Where were they when one purse dog ate the other in Superman Returns?

  2. I've got a friend who is a hardcore peta person. He's a cool guy and all but he got upset when mal shot the horse in the first firefly episode. I can had to stop and go "really?"

  3. You know...the title of the blog is probably a bit rough on PETA...but this shit was astoundingly idiotic.

    Yeah...PETA does look to anything that happens to an animal to judge whole movies & TV shows.

  4. It's all perspective really, I mean I'm an animal guy but I'm not gonna really get pissed at a movie like the dark knight, cause god forbid they try and have some realism in a movie...which really isn't all that really which is even more funny. I bite my thumb at them and anyone else who feels the need to harsh someones vibe by throwing paint on them.

  5. It really depends on whether we are meant to believe any of the dogs died. I think PETA is over reacting (surprise) about Bats defending himself, but did anyone else see him make the patented "neck snapping motion" on one of the dogs? Defend yourself by all means Batman, but killing a dog when you've managed to avoid killing any of the large men with guns you've taken down was a little harsh! Hasn't he heard of a dog whistle?

  6. Where was his Bat-dog repellent? Surely if he has a bat-shark repellent......

  7. This version doesn't have the bat-shark repellent, Langer. ;)

    Anonymous, it's easier to subdue a human with what Batman has handy. Subduing a dog, not so much. And a well trained rottweiler (as in mistreated) is more of a threat than an unarmed human. As you could see, the dogs were the only ones to pierce Batman's suit and skin.

    I do believe he chucked one of the dogs off the level of the parking garage, so that's probably bad.


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