Friday, July 25, 2008

SDCC: DC Comics Video Game News

And Then They Make Sure Shazam Is The Only Reason...

The MK Vs. DC panel was covered by Newsarama right here. No complaint with the coverage whatsoever.

The complaint I do have? Joker is going to be in the game. A fighting game. Because, you know, Joker is known for entertaining one-on-one fights.

Seriously. You have Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (just announced), Shazam and others. You really feel like you needed to include Joker? I'm just dying to use the acid flower, mallet, joy buzzer and gun. Yup. No better pick than Joker. No sirree, Bob.


I Feel The Need...The Need For Speed

In better news, JK Parkin gets a hands-on demonstration of DC Universe Online MMORPG. He manages to get across an enthusiasm about the mechanics of the game in such a way that nullifies some of my concerns about it being more Marvel Ultimate Alliance MMO than World of Warcraft.

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