Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffman & Kurtz Still At It?

So, I noticed DJ Coffman post the following on Twitter:

djcoffman Platinum just emailed me a cease and desist from using the and .net addresses. That was nice of them.
pvponline I just sent myself a cease and desist letter demanding that I stop being so awesome with my own creations. I'm going to fight myself on this
pvponline Oh crap. I just sued myself for not honoring previous C&D me sent myself. Can't afford lawyer. Will have to defend myself twice.
pvponline Your honor, I'm a flight risk and request bail be withheld and immediately object to said request on the grounds that I am not a flight risk

djcoffman If they keep it up, I'll send them all to camp cupcake, if they'd like?
pvponline Jury's out. I just came to myself with a last minute deal. I want myself to settle. But my closing statement totally killed my other closing
pvponline Took the deal and settled out of court. I have to be my own butler for a month.


  1. I think they're just fucking with us now.


  2. Given that DJ doesn't really seem to be playing along, I think it's just Kurtz fucking with him.

  3. Holy shit, two nerds are fighting over the internets. STOP THE PRESSES


  4. I was trying to follow their twitter war when it was active, but I didn't really understand the position Kurtz was taking. Something is either parody or it's not. It doesn't matter whether the property's owner digs it or not, or even if it's done in good taste.

    Now it looks as though Kurtz is just being a raging dick because he can. I've never been a fan of that.

  5. Better nothing than rreading about this bitch-fight?

    Alan Coil

  6. Yeah, it was satire, I believe. The whole Foxtrot = like, Skull eye-fuck = don't like comment summed up the real beef.

    And I rather have something to watch going on than nothing. ;)

    FYI: DJ has indicated he's trying to avoid getting pulled into drama, so I don't think this will develop into anything again.


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