Monday, July 07, 2008

Final Defacations on Countdown: An Interlude

He may have thought I was a dick at one point, but I thoroughly enjoyed his rant about how disappointing Countdown was.

We actually spoke after the dick comment (which I thanked him for, oddly enough) and got along swimmingly.


  1. Oh man, that's hilarious.

    A friend and I were having a discussion last week. I basically thing DiDio is just really, really dumb. He thinks DiDio isn't dumb, but really sabotaged by DC editorial- which, in DiDio's defense, is filled with a greater hive of scum and villany than ever before.

    That said... if DiDio's so smart, why doesn't he just take the severance package and run for the hills?

  2. Did Gray call Didio dumb in that blog? Dammit...I missed it, then. I don't necessarily think Didio is dumb, just that Countdown was a huge misstep that the fault for falls at his feet. I do think he was sabotaged just a bit by a particular editor.

  3. He doesn't call him dumb in that blog, I don't think. But it is quite insane, if DiDio knew what Morrison was planning, that Final Crisis and Countdown don't line up at all.

    I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle: DiDio is just burned out.

  4. The feeling I've gotten from reading the Counting Down chats on Newsarama was that Mike Carlin just doesn't care about his work anymore. He couldn't remember continuity of books he actually worked on. He just seemed to have a pissy attitude about having to work on Countdown and submit to the interview process. All signs of someone willing to screw up a project out of bitterness, especially to hurt the guy who took over his job.

  5. The stuff I've heard about Carlin seems to line up with that assessment.


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