Monday, July 21, 2008

Booster Gold's New Writer?

Did I miss an announcement?

Remender finished working out - looking at new Canete/Baker pages - doing Booster Gold interview - getting ready to write Punisher

Well, that might just be the best pick that no one would have guessed! I think the man who came up with FEAR Agent is a pretty damn good choice to direct the Booster Gold series indefinitely.

Update: Heh...seems that DC eschewed an announcement, choosing to just have him credited in the solicitations released today. As I said to Ed Kaye on Twitter, you'd think they'd have bothered to make a formal announcement prior to the solicit, since the solicit itself makes no indication that he's anything more than a fill-in.

Update 2: as the comments have shared, Remender is only a fill-in, sadly. After thinking he was the new permanent writer, I really got to thinking he was the perfect fit. Of course, that's why DC is going in another direction...


  1. And that is, in fact, the case!

    Remender @eric_martin Just doing a guest spot on Booster, more DC stuff coming though

  2. Hi mate, I just got the word from Rick that he is only down for one issue sadly. That sucks, I think he would be a great choice as the permanent writer, he has the perfect sense of humour to carry on what Jeff and Geoff have been doing.

    Oh well, expect the series to be given to either Judd Winick or Bruce Jones. Then expect cancellation about 6 months after this kiss of death :)

  3. Updated. I would have updated it before you guys had the chance to comment, but I was working on another blog when I caught Remender's disappointing declaration.

  4. Dan Jurgens is also off art chores on this ish. I'd like to believe that the reason behind it is that he's getting full creative reins on his baby back and he needs the extra time to get a head start on the DDDs but, well, this is DC, and nobody but the stars gets an appropriate writing gig there. (Jim Shooter excepted.)

    Also disappointed that a legendary talent like Jerry Ordway is being relegated to inking some no-name scrub penciller. Why one of the all-time great pencil jockeys has been reduced to this just to fulfill an exclusive deal that DC obviously regretted the instant the ink was dry is one of the great industry mysteries. Just let him do a vanity ASSQ project or something to complete the contract, rather than humiliating the man like Didio was some sort of modern-day Mort Weisinger.


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