Thursday, July 17, 2008

So...The Watchmen Trailer Is Upon Us?

Early thoughts...

  • Shame that Billy Crudup might not get much of a chance to show his acting chops due to being Dr. Manhattan.
  • On the flipside, they seem to have gotten Dr. Manhattan pretty damn right. The multiple copies walking around bit already gives me hope that they've captured his essence correctly.
  • Ozymandias looks too much like a dandy and a fop. I know he pretty much was, but this actor's face looks more like a waif than the rest of him (due to rubber molding). Biggest chink in the armor thus far, which bodes well overall.
  • A touch sad that it appears Owlman won't be as out of shape here as he was in the comic book when stuff started to go down.
  • Rorschach appears to be another pitch-perfect entry in this flick.
  • Silk Spectre...hmmm...not minding the costume as much now, but I'm blanking on there being anything in the story that matches up to her alley way landing in the trailer. Something to inflate the super-hero factor of the character so she appears on par with the fellas?
  • The effects look incredible
  • The choice of song for the trailer is, to my thinking, a great match.
That's all for now. I'll probably be watching it another 10 times tonight. You can take a look at it over at Empire Online. I'd post a YouTube of it here, but the quality is much poorer and this deserves to be seen as intended.


  1. Hey man! Sounds like you enjoyed it. I thought it was a really well put together trailer, and, as you said, it looks very visually impressive.

    I'm still really hesitant though :)

    I also blogged about it

    I'm rather more cynical than you are here though :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I posted a response comment to your blog about it over there. Hope anyone reading this will take the time out to check out your blog about it, too.

  3. Thanks very much Kevin. I was reading your site quite regularly up until a couple of months ago. Just about when you had the whole Marvel Boy controversy, and the argument with guggenheim et al.

    Just around that time, my life got quite insanely busy, and I wasn't on the net as much. I saw you posting on the donut thread over on Dwight L. MacPherson's forum, and headed over here. I've now got you bookmarked, so I won't forget to check here for some good old comic gossip :)

    See you around the internets, most likely on Twitter


  4. Nightowl will be chubby, just not visibly in his costume. In the movie version there's like a garter belt built into the suit. outside the suit he will be as chubby as in the comics, this was alluded to by the actor who plays night owl that after he got the part he gained on weight for the role.

  5. Am I seeing an image as the trailer fades out while Doc is building the crystal palace on Mars? Top left of the palace...anyone. Is it just CGI sunshine or something else?



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