Monday, July 21, 2008

A Bit About Spoilers...

Last time I posted some spoilers from Mr. Anonymous, I caught some shit from a few people. Some understandable (I'm still sorry to Pedro, who apparently got the spoilers against his will via the RSS feed) and some less so (some of the hate posted at the Bendis boards, where they welcome Rich Johnston with open arms (and rightly so), despite his having done the spoiler thing many times).

Mr. Anonymous still hasn't given the go ahead and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do when he does. Some have suggested I not run it at all. A friend or two has suggested I run it with wildcards to obscure the full reveal. And, of course, there are the rabid that just want the info NOW NOW NOW.

In advance of whatever decision I make, I wanted to reiterate a few things:

  • Last go 'round, I received no correspondence from Marvel or anyone associated with them asking me to pull down the spoilers and stop posting anything further. The posting process went on over a nice chunk of time, so they obviously had plenty of time to generate and e-mail me a C&D, like "marvel_b0y" supposedly received. One could imply tacit approval of my actions from their failure to communicate any problem with the matter to me.
  • As mentioned in an earlier comment of mine, Joe Quesada bellying up to the bar with Rich Johnston, who certainly has published spoilers regarding Marvel and DC items (like the Inferno bit this week).
  • More of an addition to the first bullet than a separate reason: I explicitly stated in my previous blogs that I'd immediately cease publishing the spoilers if someone from Marvel (ANYONE) asked me to. I requested to be contacted if it was a problem. I assure you they have ways of contacting me. No one did.
Now, I'm not saying I'll definitely be posting anything. But, if I do, just remember the above bullets while you call me a douche around the 'net. ;)


  1. You have my email address. Please feel free to send them directly to me. I will not reveal anything to anyone but I loves me some spoilers. :)


  2. Old Shotgun colleagues are trustworthy in my book. Well, 99.9% of them, at least...and you're in that group. ;)


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