Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why Not Twittering Yet Might Have Been A Good Idea had some sort of meltdown during their maintenance last night. I went from following oever 80 people to following only 14. I had somewhere around 50 followers and now its down to 16.

I'm back up to following over 50, but some of those are completely new people I found when trying to figure out all those I had lost. Ugh.

So...if you have Twitter, just double check your lists of people ASAP.

And don't forget to add me back (or for the first time) at


  1. Apparently they are going to fix it today... or tomorrow... or sometime anyway.

    They also said that if you add people etc in the next day, the 'adds' since the rollback might not keep. So the best thing to do apparently is sit and wait.

  2. Mine's all fixed- all followers and followees are restored.

  3. Ok, I'll bite casue I might be the only person on the internet who doesn;t know this... but...

    What the #@%&*! is Twittering?

  4. Lucas: yeah, mine was fixed by the end of the day...and they apparently kept the new people I added because now I'm following 95 people instead of something in the 80s. Good stuff.

    Pat: go to You'll see. Some people call it micro-blogging; you post a sentence or two at a time, normally just whatever crosses your mind. Others compare it to a slow, public chat room, due to all the people responding to each other.


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