Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Long National Nightmare May Be Ending

Looks like Jack Thompson might get permanently disbarred. If you don't know why this might be a good thing, click on his name to see his Wiki entry.

In addition to that nightmare ending, it appears the wait for a PAIN content add-on may be over, as well. If you don't PAIN, well...I feel sorry for you. Damn fun game that desperately needs online functionality added to it so you can challenge friends to a game of horse or bowling over the 'net. I need to be manholing people across state lines, I tells ya. Oh wait...they're including that! Suh-weet.


  1. You've got a PS3? Do you play online much?

  2. Just got it. I really only have GTAIV and the PAIN download currently. Not 100% sure I'll be keeping the system, but we'll see.

    My name on the network is khux.

  3. Every time I play GTA and use a cheat code to blow away random pedestrians with complete immunity, I think of Jack Thompson.

    Then I sing "Pop That Coochie" just to make it all complete.


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