Monday, July 07, 2008

Kurt Busiek: Hero At Large

I think I first heard about the photoshop job that Fox News did on pictures of some NY Times writers they felt reported on them unfairly from a Kevin Church (of Twitter on the topic. He provided a link to putting the photos (and the Fox & Friends segment they were shown during) up for everyone to see.

Then someone today (update: probably Rob S. over on his blog) linked to the NY Times article where David Carr puts the pieces together beautifully and, hopefully, puts News Corp in their place (doubtful, though). NY Times requires you register to read that article (it's free, dammit), but if you're too lazy for that you can read someone else talk about the article here.

What does this have to do with Kurt Busiek being a hero at large? This here. Where he joins the fray and just blasts folks with common sense. Thanks to Rich Johnston, for linking to KDB's comments in today's LitG column.


  1. David Carr should never be taken seriously, he was (and is) a crap quarterback.

    Oh, I see.......

  2. Wrong guy...but damn if I don't wish I had heeded your opinion many fantasy football draft's ago.

  3. That might've been me who linked to it. (I mean, I *know* I linked to it, but it might have been my blog where you saw the link. It might also have been Kevin Drum's much bigger blog.)

  4. Yeah, I think you're right. For some reason, I would have sworn I got it from a Twitter, but I think you're where I saw the link.


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