Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hulk Vs. Wolverine Animated Flick

Doesn't hit stores until January. I'd still lay 5-to-1 odds that it hits shelves before the end of the Damon Lindelof mini does.


  1. Considering Secret Invasion #8 doesn't hit until November, and Marvel would be mentally retarded to take Yu off Secret Invasion for UWvH, 5-to-1 is actually pretty damn low odds for UWvH6 hitting in January.

  2. Well, Marvel as of Wizard World Philly this year said they STILL don't have the script for issue #6 in, and they're not even giving to Yu until a) they get that script and b) He's finished with SI.

  3. David: D'oh...ok, yeah...that does make my statement a no brainer. Let's just say that, even if Yu weren't on, I don't think it would come out in time to beat the video.

    Given the deadline, I'll say this:

    If they get a single new issue of that mini out before January comes to an end, I'll buy a copy of that issue for the next 10 people to respond to this particular blog. If they've already bought it, I'll buy another comic of equal or lesser value for them.

    Now, if the issue doesn't come out, all you have to do is post a message on some board around the net telling people to come check out SchwappOnline.com.

    Dan & Dave, I'll include you both in getting the issue if the stars align, without you having to pimp my blog. ;)

  4. Cool, I'm in. I think your pretty safe though there anyway Kevin, Yu might take some sort of holiday since he has been drawing non-stop since taking over New Avengers last year. That book and Secret Invasion has contained large casts so we can't really fault him for wanting to take a breather.


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