Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking For Something To Do In Chicago This Friday?

(taken from Gene Ha's newsletter; passed along to help get the word out)

SUPERDOGunderdog: "Knuckle-Opera for the Socially Challenged"
Opening Friday, August 1 6-10pm at the Diane Tanios Gallery
3243 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657
Runs through August 30
There's a group of artists I call the Chicago Comics Lunch Group. Every few months,
a group of 30 and 40 something Chicago area artists get together for comics shopping,
lunch, and coversation in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Two of the other artists in the
group, Alex Wald and Tony Akins, invited me to join their gallery show. I don't have a lot
art to sell now, but I decided it'd be fun and joined in.
There are only nine pieces of mine for sale. So why should the dedicated Gene Ha connoisseur show up? Because much of this work has never been up for sale before!
Two pages each from Batman: Fortunate Son and Askani'son are at the gallery. I think they're especially nice pages. I have only given pages from these books as gifts before now.

The secret stash is now for sale!

You'll also get to see some spectacular Jack of Fables pages from Tony Akins, pop culture madness by Alex Wald (I especially like the paintings of Courtney Love and Debbie Harry as kickass superheroes), and thought provoking weirdness by new kids Elisabeth Belliveau and Jeff Zwirek (I'm 38, I get to call 20 somethings kids).
There'll also be free wine and cheese. These are the best wines and cheeses in the world, because the best things in life are free. Eat cheese with me, please!
A special note of thanks to all the folks who bought out my supply of original art. The profits from that gave me the down payment for my lovely Berwyn bungalow home. I thank you, my wife Lisa thanks you, and my dogs thank you!

A backyard to call their own!

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