Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HYPE: Vote For Antonio Jones As The Face Of Fox43

Antonio Jones is a good guy and largely responsible for every opportunity I have to review a movie in advance of its release. He's easily the best option available to be the new Face of Fox43 (the Hampton Roads Fox affiliate), but he's currently getting smoked in the voting (sorry, Antonio).

So...if you're not too busy today...could you swing over to his page over at Fox43, play his video (muted if you're too busy to listen) and help up his totals? Each full viewing of the video counts as a vote for him. Couldn't be a nicer guy...and its about time more of them came in first, IMO.

Update: actually, it appears you can embed the video after all. Give it a play, if you don't mind. Heck, click the link, too, so it's playing two times at once.

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