Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Adam Hughes: The Achilles...Thumb?

From a message by Allison Sohn on the Adam Hughes fan group on Yahoo:

Hey all;

As many of you know; Adam sustained an injury to his drawing hand while at Heroes Con
a couple of weeks ago. Thinking it was less serious than it was, we sat back and waited for
it to heal. When that didn't seem to be working, Adam visited a hand specialist. And what
he had to say this afternoon was tremendously disappointing. Adam should be 100%
healed by the end of October.

Yup. Halloween. You read right.

It seems Adam tore the collateral ligament on the thumb of his drawing hand. When he did
so, a piece of bone also broke away with it. If you visit Adam's Myspace page later tonight,
he plans on posting images of his X-ray there.

So...what does this mean? It means a convention season that may be without sketching
and signing. The doctor says Adam can use the hand, but it will hurt, and hurt alot. So he
should only use it as much he feels comfortable with.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings....

Ouch. On the bright side, the Catwoman cancellation timing now seems a bit fortuitous.

Rest that hand, Adam, and then bring on the All Star Wonder Woman goodness, sir! Good luck and Godspeed on the healing.


  1. Cut to whomever's editing Hughes at DC screaming "AWWWWW GODDDAMMMMMM ITTTT!"

  2. Heh...I can hear that in the voice of one of the South Park parents. That brought out a laugh.

  3. Hey, just get Mack to fill-in for Hughes. Maybe all that tracing paid off as real talent?

    Yeah, that's right, I'm never going to let that go, wanna fight about it?


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