Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SDCC: Terry Dodson Has A Sketchbook To Sell

And here's the cover:

I guess Terry does really embrace his cheesecake factor. Surprising he didn't find a way to work some of his Marvel or DC work on to the cover, as Adam Hughes did by putting a piece of his Women of the DC Universe work (Catwoman) into his.


  1. Between Dodson, Cho and Hughes the women of both the DC and Marvel Universe really shine. This is the best kind of cheesecake because it does not just focus on a huge rack or overly exposed ass shot. It's sensual not pornographic, something a lot of artists don't seem to understand.

    Some artists seem to have a boob fetish and forget to draw a female in proportion to the size of their boobs, much like the cheesecake to be found in a title like Titans (for instance).


  2. Great find, man. I'm gonna have to pick one of these up.

  3. Yeah, if I was making it out to SDCC, I'd probably pick one up, too. I've been a big fan of Dodson ever since MK Spidey. Come to think of it, that was my first exposure to Cho, too.

    And, yeah, Rich...I agree on the three. Cho pushes the limits a little more than other two, but still does fine work.

  4. I'm STILL waiting for an American version of Songes Coraline. Damn DC for cutting off their Humnoids deal! Damn them to hell!!!

    (I'm pretty sure that's the main character from the aforementioned European book on the cover here.)

  5. Upon further review, I am correct. Safari Joe does it again!


  6. In all fairness, while that is likely the character from the book you mention, it's not like it is such a unique look that it is DEFINITELY that character. As in it is a very safe bet to not cause legal wrangling. ;)


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