Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shots In The Dark: Wizard World Chicago Coverage

Shots in the Dark at are currently posting a series of video interviews that were done at Wizard World Chicago. These are gradually appearing at Newsarama (Brian Michael Bendis is up!) as well. There's also an audio only Warren Ellis interview.

They had another kick ass interview set up, but it had to be scuttled due to scheduling issues. It was cool as much for how it was going to be conducted as for who it was to be with, IMO, so I'm not going into further detail. Watching it from off-camera would have easily been one of my highlights of the weekend, though. Just hope I'm lucky enough to be in the vicinity when it eventually happens.

Regarding that Bendis interview: damn, if he didn't capture exactly how I felt about Michael Turner's passing during the convention but couldn't figure out a way to say it without worrying that it would come out the wrong way.

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