Monday, July 21, 2008

And Marvel_b0y Says...Nothing?

Given the teaser about upcoming Mr. Anonymous spoilers, I thought it was worth pointing out that marvel_b0y has been silent since April. The blog is still up. With all the "spoilers" still on it.

Hmmm...quiet as can be, just as soon as the series landed. Just as soon as the event it seemed to be viral marketing for hit.

Is there really still any doubt that it was some sort of viral marketing attempt by people with access at Marvel?

One of the saddest things? The last blog over at marvel_b0y's LiveSpace is now just a spot for World of Warcraft farming companies to advertise their gold for sale in the comments.

Might as well just take the whole thing down now, don't you think, J&J?


  1. What's really kind of sad is big ol marvel just let it flounder about like a fish in it's last moments. But it did make everything interesting for a bit at marvel when it first hit so it at least did it's job partly in a ass backwards way.

  2. Yeah, I think this was a good example of a viral campaign gone awry. It did generate some buzz, but they got quite a bit of flack for it.

  3. No one will probably believe this, but the only reason both Mr. Anonymous and myself were interested in putting out those spoilers were because of the marvel_b0y deal. So, the whole first round of spoilers from Mr. A were an example of flack brought on by that campaign.


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