Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rags Morales Off Nightwing

Regular comment-loiterer, Ken B., was so frustrated at the news that Rags Morales might be off Nightwing and moved to Superman/Batman that he took it upon himself to try to dig up the story.

After posting the question in the Newsarama DC Forums, he got the following response from Rags himself:

Guess the cat's out of the bag.

Yeah, my last issue on Nightwing is #148, and believe me it was a bit of a surprise to me as well. We were making headway and getting the book caught up, then I got the call to help out on a Final Crisis tie-in and work on an 4 issue arc for Superman/Batman.

But don't worry about Nightwing, Don Kramer is more than capable to do the art chores and will do some killer will Peter Tomasi, as usual.

As for the tie-in, I'll let DC decide when to expose that one.

I do agree that Don Kramer is a great artist, too, but it was still a shock to see DC yo-yo Rags like this. To me, a penciller being bounced from title to title is like a network moving a show all over the schedule: makes it impossible to get a serious following.

Oh...and I want to correct something I said earlier. In the previous blog about this, I said that Rags being put on the Superman/Batman title might be a demonstration of its return to glory. That would seem to be a swipe at Shane Davis. To the contrary, Davis does great work and I'm a fan. But two successive top tier artists on the book? That's a good sign.

(God help me if there was another top tier artist on right before Shane Davis that I'm forgetting)


  1. Way to just slam Dustin Nguyen, Kevin. >:(

  2. Dammit! OK...three in a row, then.

    Seriously...don't come back and tell me there's a fourth...

  3. Therer was Pat Lee.

    But Pat Lee sucks, and ran away to Hong Kong. So fuck him.

  4. Then again, who was the writer? Michael Green was when the story quality rebounded, IMO.

  5. Alan Burnett wrote the Nguyen arc. Green (and later Michael Johnson) took over as regular writer when Davis started drawing the book.


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