Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mr. Anonymous Says Hi

After a loooooooooooooooooooooong absence, Mr. Anonymous dropped me a message. Seems like he has more info for me to share with the masses. Wants to hold off for a bit to make sure there are no last minute changes.

Post-Secret Invasion landscape stuff. Good stuff. Interesting stuff. Stay tuned.


  1. Is the Fury stuff still valid? Because there were changes with a certain X-Man once Mr. A came around the first time.

  2. Honestly? No idea. The latest communication was a one-way thing. I haven't had the chance to ask any questions. What we've seen published makes it seem doubtful that the Fury item will wind up happening in the book.

    Just an FYI: no guarantee of when I'll be able to share the bits. He wants me to hold off until he says to go with it. I'm respecting those wishes.

    There are plenty of reasons I've vacillated on whether I'd share spoilers if given the opportunity again.

    I know Bendis did a great job on SI #1, but it was largely lost on me due to my participation in the spoilers. I wonder how many people that got their hands on the spoilers unfairly judged the work Bendis did on issue #1 because they were underwhelmed due to knowing the twists? That stuff bothers me a bit.

    But then it doesn't seem like it can bother Marvel too much, because Rich Johnston has printed spoilers for the two majors and Joe Quesada still raises a pint with him at the pub. Never did get an e-mail asking me to stop the spoilers or a scanned C&D, either. ;)

  3. To be fair, I believe RJ's policy is that he'll only print the spoiler if someone already fucked up and put the info out there. If someone emails him with a copy of the Final Crisis planning docs or something, he wouldn't act on that - it's not fair play. And he runs everything by the publisher first.

    If you do post the spoilers, I hope it's in video form so it's less simple to disseminate. I'm really enjoying Secret Invasion and would hate to have things ruined for me just by participating in the blogosphere, especially now that we're already halfway through.

  4. I don't think that's actually the case with RJ and the spoilers. At least it hasn't been with DC, seeing as how that whole Batman reborn as a New God thing turned out.

    If I wind up passing it along, I'll try to make it difficult grab, but all it takes is a few people to watch the video and then it is just about as prevalent across the 'net.

    Of course, I now realize that changing font colors on the blog page won't really help RSS feed subscribers, so I can promise that I won't be doing it that way. I wasn't an RSS feed user until recently, so I plead ignorance to all the people I may have failed with trying to do inviso-text.


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