Monday, July 28, 2008

You Know What Just Dawned On Me?

Earlier tonight, I wrote the following while covering the Eisner Awards by piecing together the events via Twitter comments:

Here's to couples and family pursuing their dreams together and being pretty damn successful at it!


  1. SDCC, Squashin' Beef!

    You go, Kevin!

    Also thanks for alerting me to yet more Eisner twitters.

  2. Thanks, Chris! My pleasure to help point out the awesome Twitters that I was lucky enough to have pop up on my screen. :)

    Ed, I don't know if that's confusion as to what the months old crap was or exasperation at my squashing it. But either way, it's time to let that just die off.

    If you're really that curious, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere on this blog site still. Beef is squashed, but I believe in leaving up the good and the bad rather than try to revise history after the fact. Let the warts stay on display along with the bright spots.

    Anon? Judas? Really? Life's too short to worry about clinging to negative feelings. Time to turn the page.

  3. Nah, I knew about the disagreement. You had quite a few running disputes up until a couple of months ago :) It was mock surprise that you squashed it.

  4. Ah! I figured that was probably what you were expressing, but I tried to run down all the possibilities just in case. ;)

    Believe it or not, I have more people that dislike me than I actually have any problem with. So many of these disputes are one-way streets.

    Like the Valerie one would be now. Just because I've decided to ack-cent-uate the positive and e-limmmmm-inate the negative don't mean she's going to do the same.

    And that's...OK. ;)

  5. Man, are you turning over a new leaf and growing up and stuff? I'm impressed!

  6. Hey, adults can still hold grudges and carry baggage forever. Some of us just see the bigger picture a little more often than others.

    Maybe all that "support of your dreams" you get leaves you too mellow to hold on to all that crap as long as some of us. ;)

  7. Yes, it's welcoming that you're putting your beef inside you and moving forward. It's also welcoming that in moving forward and accentuating the positive, you're making backhanded comments about her (yeah, I've grown up and let this go. Doesn't mean she will though. Yeah these fights tend to become one way streets, like this fight is now.)

    The best way to let go of a grudge is to tell the other person you're letting go of the grudge and that you're a better person than they are for letting go of the grudge first.

    The second best way to let go of a grudge is to shank them in prison. But that requires a lot of fortuity.

    Glad to see you're turning over a new leaf and being a better person. We've been telling you that since we dropped our grudge against you and you continued your one sided hatred of us, but didn't want to seem petty by rubbing it in your face how far ahead we were on the purging of negative airs.

    Happy Birthday (whenever that is)!

  8. The person scared to place any kind of identifier on their message is lecturing me? I think I understand Mark Waid's most recent blog comment blow up a little better.

    It's not meant to be backhanded. It's meant to be realistic. One person dropping out of...whatever you want to call it...doesn't mean the other will follow suit.

    It wasn't meant to be a commentary on Valerie, but just recognizing that I can't control what others decide to do. If I had suggested that the whole thing was over because I was no longer interested in holding the grudge, someone (like you) would have accused me of being arrogant.

    She linked to this blog and thanked me, so I think it is fair to assume she's moved on as well (might have even been before I posted the blog, who knows).

    As far as why I didn't contact her directly? Well, I wasn't saying it to get the message to her. I said it here because I get a bunch of people looking for comments from me whenever there's something going on with Val. This served as my announcement to anyone interested that I'm not the go-to guy for shit stirring on that front anymore. ;)

    But I'm glad the message got to her and I wish her well on the mini. I'll be buying the first issue, at the very least. I'm not that well-versed in the characters, so I have to see if I dig 'em first before committing more.


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